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In 2009, from our initiative a gorup of filmmakers started elaborating the new Law on cinema.

We fought the bureacracy, ourselves, fear of change and... finally, in 2014 the Law was adopted. No big deal in a country with less than 15 functional screens, one can say, but this is definitely a starting point.

In two words (it was more than two, but bureaucracy took its part) the Law is establishing a National Film Centre.

Why? Because we need a Fulltime engaged institution to work on creating a film industry and to promote the interests of a category of people who are now producing films on their own money, using the equipment of their friends. Because all the European countries have a Film Center (some of them have one for each region), we need to create a simillar system, which is a first step to integration. That is our goal - Integration into the European cinema. 

The law is still to be complemented with additional regulations, but this is what the newly created Film Center is taking over. 

LAW Nr. 116 from 03.07.2014 (Romanian and Russian)