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We love those who make films and those who watch films as well, so we decided to launch a project for both categories - CINEHUB.MD. A Platform where you get lost. The concept of the platform is shaped by the needs of the emerging Moldovan industry, which is getting more and more dynamic in the last years.


CINEHUB is ment to be a window into the Moldovan film industry.

On one hand, those who are  interested can find in the PUBLIC section all the profiles of the filmmakers, companies, interviews, events and, of course, films.

But there is another section - INDUSTRy - which is ment for cooperation on national level, but mainly to offer a complete overview of the production capacities in Moldova (people, equipment, locations, etc.). It also should offer an insight for the festivals which are looking for content, workshops which are looking for participants, Projects which are looking for partners. 

And all of it for one reason - the development of the Moldovan film industry.